"The most comprehensive survey of Jenolan yet produced." Richard Kennedy, President, Jenolan Caves Historical & Preservation Society.

"An examination of this book shows it needs no further recommendation!" Dr David Branagan, Affiliate, School of Geosciences, University of Sydney.

"It is not often that a guide book is written that so comprehensively and richly describes the character of this wonderful place." Angus Robinson, Chair, Geotourism Forum of Ecotourism Australia Ltd.

"This profusely illustrated guide to the world-famous Jenolan Caves is a remarkable book on many fronts." Andy Spate. Optimal Karst Management.

"A superb journey through one of the great natural icons of Australia that truly captures the timeless magic and romance of the Jenolan Caves." Dan Cove, Manager, Cave Operations, Jenolan Caves Trust.

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